6-23-22 covid-19 vaccines-little kids

The vice president of Pharmacy Services with SSM Health Wisconsin region says the first shipment of vaccine for the youngest children has arrived.  Mo Kharbat says the first Pfizer vaccine shots will be able to be administered  soon for youngsters under five.  “It will happen very soon.  Initially we planned to begin vaccinating Friday and Saturday,”  Kharbat told WFDL news.  “We’re waiting on our computer systems and scheduling lines to be ready.  It could be as early as Friday.  But our plans are to make sure that we have the vaccine available no later than Monday.”  Kharbat says final signoff on the vaccines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last weekend is great news.   Kharbat says he anticipates parents are more likely to rely on their children’s pediatrician to administer the shots.