WIAA Board of Control Votes to Cancel Spring Sports Season

The WIAA Board of Control has voted to cancel the 2019-2020 spring sports season.

The ruling cancels both regular-season and tournament competitions.

But the Board did leave one small glimmer of hope for athletes. It voted to extend the unrestricted summertime contact coaching opportunities for spring sports athletes.

According to a press release sent out by the WIAA, “This action will permit school teams that include the current year’s seniors to assemble and conduct practices and competitions for up to 30 days, provided restrictions on assembling in groups are removed, until the start of a student-athlete’s fall sport season.”

You can read the entire press release from the WIAA by clicking here: https://www.wiaawi.org/News/News-Article/ArtMID/5378/ArticleID/21566/Spring-Competitions-Tournaments-Canceled-But-Spring-Sports-Opportunities-Extended