7-11-19 fdl fire department asking for six new positions

The Fond du Lac Fire Chief says he will be proposing adding six new  firefighter/paramedic positions in the proposed 2020 Fond du lac city budget.  Chief Pete O’Leary told the Fond du Lac city council Wednesday night the fire department has not added any positions in more than two decades.  Initial response from the Fond du Lac city council is positive.  Councilmember,  Ben Giles says he is in support.  Yeah I definately think there is a need for this,”  Giles told WFDL news.  “The tricky part is in a budget in order to increase funding for something you have to pick out funding for something else.”  Councilmember Alicia Hans says her initial reaction is that there is a need.  “The data was in the numbers.  It shows there has been an increase in calls and services in our community,”  Hans said.  Council president Brian Kolstad says he is concerned about the half million dollar cost, and says a compromise may be to add a couple of positions to start.    The city manager will deliver the proposed city budget at the end of August.