3-15-19 fdl council candidates degner and o’malley

Six candidates are squaring off for three seats on the Fond du Lac city council.   Daniel Degner  has lived in Fond du Lac for 12 years and says if he is elected he will bring a fresh perspective to the council.  “I’ve talked to so many small business owners that are saying its tough for them to find people to move into our community because a lot of the drugs that are increasing.  The second  thing I want to do is common sense budgeting.  I want to make sure that I’m fighting for the taxpayer, making sure that we’re using our mone wisely,”  Degner told WFDL news. Stephanie O’Malley works as an assistant manager at Culver’s on West Johnson Street.  O’Malley says she wants people to know that if she is elected she will be there for the residents of the city.  “I want Fond du Lac to be the best it can be.  I want to make sure that other parts of Fond du Lac are not being neglected.  I want to become a voice for people in case they can’t get their word out,”  O’Malley said.